Prefab Timber Cabin 550 Sq. Ft. Of Elegant Design

Prefab timber cabinAre you looking for a small cabin that doesn’t need a lot of time and effort to be built?
The people from FabCab have a nice option for you. It is called TimberCab 550 and it is a prefab timber cabin with a size of 550 sq ft. The pieces of the house (ithe walls) come already cut to size and this makes the construction time a lot shorter. The cabin is individualized, mold to your life, and complement your site. The TimberCab 550 is very spacious for a cozy cabin and has a 2 floor plan. The large windows of this elegant design give the timber structure a contemporary look.
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Prefab timber cabinNice, open spaces that seem surprising large …Prefab timber cabinMore pictures on the next page:

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