Beautiful Montana Log Cabin Is A Masterpiece

Headwaters Montana log cabinThis classic log cabin could easily be crowned the best in the world as it is a wonderful masterpiece. Located in the picturesque nature of Big Sky in Montana, it has a rustic style and the connection with nature makes for an amazing and inviting living space. This paradise for the eyes and soul is a family residence that offers a wonderful and relaxed daily life.
The Headwaters Camp cabin’s natural features include a stair bannister created from elk horns, furniture crafted from locally-sourced wood, and beams made from entire logs.
The hidden gem in the Yellowstone National Park, deep within the Madison Mountain Range in Big Sky, created by Dan Joseph Architects, will reveal its exquisite charm as we look at more pictures:Headwaters camp living roomThe craftsmanship of this masterpiece is unique and emanates an unforgettable rustic atmosphere.Headwaters camp kitchenMore pictures on the next page:

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