Rustic Firefly Cabin Old Style Living Meets Modern Day

Rustic Firefly cabin
The Firefly Cabin unveils its timeworn aura and rough charm of a century-old workshop with its rustic ambiance taking you back to a simpler time when most goods were still produced by hand.
It is an illusion; however, as the cabin is actually a recent build fully equipped with modern conveniences including a washer and dryer, a microwave oven, a dishwasher and a small TV, all hidden from view.
Old scaffold boards were used to finish the inside walls and the floors, as well as to make the shelves. After prolonged use on construction sites, these boards were worn, sun-bleached, battered and dented, giving the cabin an instant rustic appearance.
Rustic Firefly cabin living room
Notice the old-fashioned steam kettle on the kitchen stove.
Rustic Firefly cabin kitchen
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