This Cedar Wood Cabin Is Cheaper Than You Think

Cedar wood cabinThis charming cedar wood cabin is cozy and affordable, an adorable retreat from the hectic life. Just imagine the soothing sound of the waves at the shoreline below, the aroma of nature emanating from the nearby trees and vegetation, the quiet happy moments you could spend with family and friends.
One of the biggest advantages of using cedar for this cabin kit is that cedar repels insects, including termites. Cedar also resists rot naturally. In the past, when cedar was much more plentiful, many wooden houses were framed with cedar and clapboard siding was also made of cedar.
More and more people love the idea of living in a cozy cabin and even tiny houses these days of runaway prices …
This compact 12 x 18 cozy cabin has an 9 x 18 enclosed space with a 3′ porch.
Cedar wood cabinThe screenroom is 9 x 12 with a 9 x 9 enclosed space and a 3′ porch as well. The screenroom features “boathouse” style vertical folding windows that can be raised and folded out of the way to maximize airflow in the screenroom wing.Cedar wood cabin

Cedar wood cabinThe 12 X 18 cabin starts at $29,026 plus options you can choose from. There is also a 12 X 20 cabin kit available. These cabins are built by Cabana Village.

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