Rustic Design Tips For A Cozy Home

Design tips rustic decorA truly cozy home, one that meets your needs well and invites visitors in, will also be beautiful. These rustic design tips will help you achieve that special cozy home feel you dream about. Or give you ideas to change a few things, to freshen up your place.

Lighting – One of the most important factors in how a room looks is actually something most people usually don’t even think about: light.
Lighting is an extremely important part of creating ambiance in a space. Choose floor and table lamps with dimmers. “Not using a dimmer is like buying a radio with no volume knob,” says Joseph A. Rey-Barreau, a lighting designer with the American Lighting Association.
Tip: Clean Your Light Fixtures and Bulbs – Your home will appear 30% brighter without turning on more lights.

Decorate With CandlesDesign tips with candlesCandles can help change the mood of any room with their soft glow, and many have an enticing fragrance to complement the decor throughout your home. Use candles of various different sizes to create dimension, and find candle holders that fit the general theme of the room. You can use candles of different colors to highlight them, as well.
Candles of all shapes and sizes will create elegant and eye-catching compositions and when put together, they provide more light and contrast.

Add FlowersDesign tips with flowersFresh flowers are a great way to bring natural beauty to a room while also making the space feel cozy and very welcoming. In addition, many indoor plants, like golden pothos and gerbera daisies, are particularly adept at sucking up nasty VOCs — the vapors emitted from household cleaners, paints, and dry cleaning. And since plants increase humidity levels, they help decrease household dust.

For design purposes, flowers have the biggest effect if they are placed in various corners of your home. For example, put them on small tables, window sills, chests of drawers, etc.

The Rule Of ThreesDesign tips rustic decor bowlsMost designers, use the “rule of threes” as it has a very appealing effect. It consists in combining three objects with different shapes, colors, or sizes in one composition. In our examples, we used all wooden decor of different shapes and sizes, but you could also try something like a vase, statuette, and a candle on a table together. There are, in fact, countless possibilities with the Rule of Threes. Experiment on your own until you find a combination you love.

Create Something Original Out Of NothingDesign tips using pine conesNext time you take a trip somewhere with pine trees, collect nice, large pine cones and take them home. Then, paint the tips with white acrylic paint to achieve a very nice, special decor collection you can place in a bowl (like in our example), or a basket, or window sill, or coffee table … let your imagination work out the best location. This is an easy DYI project that will add coziness to your home.
The main idea of a cozy home is that rooms are made for people.

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