Cozy And Charming Organic Home

Organic homeA wonderful organic natural home that is cozy, charming and that takes its shape from nature and aims for minimal impact on the environment.
This cozy home by renowned Mexican architect Javier Senosiain is the perfect blend of modern architecture and nature-inspired designs.
The green dune wraps itself around the inside spaces almost completely, rendering it almost invisible to the passer-by.
The use of nature here is more than just for aesthetics. Every bush and tree serves as natural temperature regulators for the home. Especially the grass roof as it protects the home from hot and cold temperatures.
The interior has a minimal yet relaxing feel. Designed to look like a cave, the organic flow of the walls and corridors create a space that’s both open and private at the same time.Organic homeOrganic homeMore pictures on the next page:

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